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Free service to specifiers, developers, architects, etc., in the drawing up of specifications for the treatment and maintenance of floor and wall substrates to be incorporated in projects.

  • Cleaning & sealing of natural stone
  • Purging and cleaning of porcelain and ceramic tiled surfaces
  • Cleaning of building facades
  • Water resistant treatment of concrete, plaster and brickwork
  • Anti-slip treatments & coatings for tiles and slippery when wet substrates
  • Pressure washing
  • Suppliers of cleaning chemicals
  • Distributors of cleaning equipment
  • Marble refurbishment and polishing
  • Epoxy floor applications
  • Decorative and coloured cement screeds
  • Wooden floor rejuvenation and sealing
  • Consulting and specifications




The construction industry has historically when preparing for the handover of a project, used soap and water as a cleaning method to prepare substrates, especially floors, for presentation to the client.

Although in essence this would not be incorrect, the use of new substrates and the advances made in cleaning chemical technology, make the use of this age old tradition, superfluous and as such, the following basic procedures for the cleaning and maintenance of various substrates, leads and guides in basic terms, the reader through the correct methodology of cleaning and maintenance of substrates using modern, scientifically developed products, tried and tested for the various substrates

Solutions & Treatments

Pre-cleaning, Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

Why Choose Us?

SPECKLEEN®, established in 1994 as a specialist porous surface treatment and floor care supply company in South Africa, to fulfill the need in the market for the professional preparation and treatment of natural and synthetic stone, concrete and vinyl substrates, marble refurbishment and polishing, wooden floor refurbishment, purging and maintenance of hard floor substrates like porcelain and ceramics, facade cleaning, suspended ceiling rejuvenation, by the supply and / or application of preparation chemicals and internationally accepted sealers and other treatments to porous surfaces, as well as the supply of quality chemicals and cleaning items like Janitorial supplies, washroom dispensers, sanitary bins, mops, buckets, handles, equipment, cloths, cleaning sundries and spares for trolleys, Kingfisher machines and many more, together with the supply and application of anti-slip treatments and coatings to floors and substrates, of all types.

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